Who’s ready for some absolutely nasty groooooovin’!? Aseptic is a project powered by the mind of Italian based drummer Emanuele Nisi. He plays out a razor sharp take on Djent and Progressive Metal music which I’m sure a great number of you will enjoy.

He’s released all kinds of music over time, primarily on Soundcloud. However, he’s been branching out with some awesome official singles under the Aseptic title recently. These include “Bipolar” and “Omen” (which is a 10 minute monster!), both of which are available for streaming and purchase over on Bandcamp and can, likewise, be found below.

Give both a listen and, if you enjoy the content, be sure to show Emanuele some support via the links above and also give him a like over on Facebook for good measure.

The man himself describes his work and himself as such:

My name is Emanuele Nisi, and I play drums.I created this personal project to give vent to my creativity imagination combining more styles of music that represent me.

Links: Facebook // Soundcloud // Bandcamp