If you enjoy a good amount of 1980s cheese and some great, classic-style Heavy Metal, have we got a band for you! Dream Tröll is a very enjoyable band booming out of Leeds over in the United Kingdom. Through their combined talents and wonderful songwriting abilities, they play a melodic and nostalgic take on metal music that really needs to be heard.

This was first put on display through last year’s album “The Knight of Rebellion” and they’ve proven to be working quite hard ever since. In fact, the band is on the verge of releasing an all new EP “The Witch’s Curse”… tomorrow! Both of the above are currently available for purchase (and pre-order) via the official Dream Tröll Bandcamp page.

To support their noble cause, we’ve teamed up alongside Dream Tröll to show you their music video ripped straight from the classic archives. This was done for the track “The Battle for Enki’s Tower” and is simply awesome in every way from the music itself to the aesthetic. Feel free to watch just below. If you enjoy, also give the band a follow and show support on Facebook. Stay classy, my friends.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp