We’ve promoted the work of the impressive Argentinian solo artist and jack of all trades Reg3n many times before (for good reason!). However, some of you may be unaware that he also has another heavy hitting music project by the name of Navhaja (with vocals included! Similar to the instrumental Reg3n project, this is an all out groovy, experimental, mathy metal assault filled with Meshuggah / Humanity‚Äôs Last Breath / Vildhjarta-esque darkness. Faces will be melted.

To date, there’s been a Navhaja EP “The Opening” and a number of singles but the project is gearing up for the next step with another official release! It will be known as “The Board”. If previous work serves as any indication, it will be glorious!

Today marks the world premiere of an all new Navhaja track by the name of “Exiling the Unconsecrated”! This comes complete with a wicked lyric video which can be viewed just below. The music is also currently available to those who head over to Bandcamp!

If you’d like more where this came from, it’s also highly recommended you check out the work of Reg3n by CLICKING HERE. If you enjoy this new single or any of the bands listed above, you’ll most likely enjoy all of this artist’s work!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp