We’re very pleased to show you good people the clash of titans… Charles Caswell (Berried Alive, ex-Reflections) has teamed up with Lucas Mann (Rings of Saturn) to bring about absolute shred and destruction… and a cartoon from the award winning E.I.E. Animations!

This is a monster collaboration (and comedy) of epic proportions! If you enjoy shred and Adult Swim style cartoons, you’ve certainly come to the right place. You can scope out the cartoon itself along with a full guitar playthrough via the videos below!

But wait… there’s more! They’ve started up a crowdfunding campaign to turn this all into an album / cartoon series featuring more and more talent (and merch!). So, if you want to get involved and help this admirable cartoon metal cause, you may do so by CLICKING HERE! Excelsior!

Berried Alive: Facebook // Bandcamp // iTunes

Rings Of Saturn: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch // iTunes

E.I.E. Animations: E.I.E. Animations Website