It’s true! Bleeding Through will be making a return this year! An all new album by the name of “Love Will Kill All” will be launched on May 25th through SharpTone Records. Pre-orders are now available to those who CLICK HERE.

In support of this, the band have launched an all new track / music video combo by the name of “Set Me Free”! You can scope this out just below.

Likewise, you can view the album art and tracklisting underneath that. This will be the band’s first full-length album since 2012’s “The Great Fire” and first activity following 4+ years of hiatus.

Love Will Kill All track listing:

01. Darkness, A Feeling I Know
02. Fade Into The Ash
03. End Us
04. Cold World
05. Dead Eyes
06. Buried
07. No Friends
08. Set Me Free
09. No One From Nowhere
10. Remains
11. Slave
12. Life

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