Breakdown At Tiffany’s (not to be confused with the cult classic film Breakfast At Tiffany’s) are a heavy hitting and simultaneously melodic Metalcore band making waves out of Krefeld, Germany.  Through an independent drive, they’ve been pushing points on quality and professionalism within their given field. The end results are very sharp and I’m sure a number of people here at The Circle Pit will enjoy them!

The band most recently launched an album by the name of “Gravity” (with some perception twisting artwork, I might add!). This is currently available over on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Google Play, and available for purchase over at the band’s official merch store. The experience comes filled to the brim with 10 razor-edged bangers!

In support of this, the band released a number of high quality music videos! We’ll be exhibiting some of these right here on The Circle Pit for you good people! Last week, we presented their clip for the track “Ghost”! Now, you can also check out the visuals for their track “Square Shaped Circle” just below! Both tracks are quite strong in their own right.

If you enjoy this content and wish to follow along with the band for more, you can also check them out over on Instagram and Facebook!

Links: Facebook // Instagram // Merch

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