The brutal force of Ingested launched a full stream for their new album “The Level Above Human”! This is officially set to strike on April 27th through Unique Leader Records but you won’t have to wait another minute to listen. Pre-orders currently available to those who CLICK HERE. You can give the goods a listen here:

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In other Ingested news, the band will soon be heading out on the Devastation On The Nation Tour 2018 in May (CLICK HERE for dates & more information!). Before that, they’ll also be touring with Bodysnatcher and Signs of the Swarm (CLICK HERE for dates)

Here’s a bit of the official press release:

The song comes from their forthcoming album The Level Above Human, which will see an April 27th release via Unique Leader, and shows why these titans of British death metal are set to take over in 2018.

INGESTED are the World Wide Slam Kings. Continually smashing the faces of all who stand in their way, INGESTED are at the heart of the UK metal scene. After more than 10 years in the game they still have their hands around the throat of all skeptics and they get stronger with every offering. INGESTED is focused brutality at its best, slaying peers and fans alike. Their fourth chapter, The Level Above Human, is more focused, more devastating, and more confident than any of their previous material. All bite and no bark, coming soon via Unique Leader records. Haven’t you heard? The Slam Kings are back and it’s best we all concede…

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