In response to the interview with Ash Avildsen (Sumerian Records owner) in which it was stated that Periphery was leaving the label, Periphery guitarist and founder Misha Mansoor had the following to say:

“It’s pretty simple: We want Periphery to be a fun passion project and creative outlet. We don’t really care about being a massive band or making crazy money with the music, and that has been our approach since day one.

Ash is a businessman, and wants his bands to be financially successful. Sometimes that means our interests are at odds, and contractually we had set things up to be in our favor so we couldn’t be forced to make decisions we didn’t want to. With that said, and even in Ash‘s own words in the interview, when he came to us with good ideas, we definitely listened!

Ultimately we had a good run with them [Sumerian Records,] and I’m grateful for our time on the label, but we have wanted to try starting our own label for a while now, and we finally have the means to do so!”

Orginal Story:

You can skip to around 1:51:26 in The Jasta Show podcast below to hear it for yourself.

Ash Avildsen, Sumerian Records owner, had a great interview on the show but unveiled some surprising bits about Periphery…

… Namely that the band is leaving Sumerian Records to go independent. Ash has some choice words and opinions to share which, once again, you can hear by skipping to the 1:51:26 mark the podcast below. It’s actually very interesting.

However, just to give you a thumbnail sketch of what was said at a point, “…they’re going to self-release their next record, at least that’s what they told me…”

Ash also called the band “their own worst enemy” at a point, referring to their potential from a business perspective.

For more context, listen here:

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