If you haven’t heard of The Dali Thundering Concept, do your ears a favor and listen to their latest album “Savages” to experience some next level Prog / Mathcore / Djent type music. It hits hard, goes conceptually deep, and just makes for an all around great listening experience. A great introduction can be found through any of the four visually intense videos attached below (including a full album stream for “Savages”). Physical copies are currently available HERE and digital copies are currently available HERE. Show this band some love and support for their efforts!

Surrounding the release of this record, we were blessed with an opportunity to catch up with the band directly. We asked them a number of questions surrounding the music, the band, and the concepts / ideas surrounding. You can give this all a look through the script found below. Enjoy!

First and foremost, congratulations on your new album “Savages”! Can you tell us what separates this record from the rest of the TDTC discography?

Thanks a lot man, we’re really happy to finally be able to share this project with everyone after three years of hard work. Savages comes after a lot of learning about music and production. We tried ourselves at concepts for the first time with When X met Y back in 2012, then worked on making a full length album Eyes Wide Opium in 2014, and now with that experience we were finally able to go deeper in concept, in composition, in production and reach above the simple album scale. To grasp Savages in its entirety you have to check the lyrics, the videos, the artworks that orbit around it because pieces of the puzzle are hidden all over.

You’re band is, in part, named after the surrealist Salvador Dalí. Was there a specific reason behind this?

The main reason is that we’re all huge fans of art and more specifically Dali. Surrealism is an amazing universe of truths and contradictions and the best thing about it is that it has no limits, from one artist to another the results are very different. The second reason, which we probably didn’t realize at the time, is that this name opens the band to an infinite graphic identity and allows us to build a world around the music.

Speaking of visual relations, you’ve always had incredible videos to match your work. You’ve recently launched two music videos for the tracks “Utopia” and “Ink”. I also have to say “The Myth of Happiness” is probably the best lyric video I’ve ever seen! How do you go about making these visually insane videos happen and what pushes you to consistently take them to the next level?

We are lucky to work with very talented people and that makes the whole difference: Igor Omodei, Antoine Caracci, Julien Gronnier and so many others have done an amazing work and brought these gems to the project. Basically we work on videos like we work on the music, the concept and all the rest: no limits in creation, last time it was good now we need amazing, spit out insane ideas and we’ll figure out how to make them become reality later. And that’s how you end pouring honey on an almost naked girl in an old warehouse in winter or collecting as much trash as you can so a professional dress designer can make a dress out of it.

“Savages” appears to be split into 3 separate chapters, or “eras”. What was the inspiration behind approaching the album in this way and does it bring about an overall concept?

We wanted to give a projection of humanity’s future and needed to have a long span to give perspective to the listener. We show the causes, the consequences and finish by the loop and it’s the confrontation of the three eras that blow the whistle, alone each one would have way less impact.

You have some very cool features on this new album including Oceano’s Adam Warren and Kadinja’s Philippe Charny. How did you go about picking these?

Pretty simple, in Savages we watch the world through the eyes of a character (one for each era) and for time to time we needed another entity or character to come in and discuss or influence the main character. For ink we needed to represent the horror, global war that comes and needed the most guttural, brutal and disgusting voice ever. Needless to say Adam’s name was written all over that track. In Utopia, two side of human survivors fight to take the lead of humanity’s future. On one side the nostalgics that see the ruins of our civilization and want to rebuild the same but ten times bigger and on the other those who understand that path will only lead to the same results and seek harmony with the world. We wanted very different voices so the characters personalities would be easy to spot. Philippe’s golden voice and charming personality matched. We’d already brought him on our track Words are Wind, fell in love with the man and couldn’t wait to do it again.

Speaking of other musicians, how do you feel about the landscape of modern metal coming out of your home country France right now?

It is very exciting to see so many amazing bands and being able to tour and work with them. Kadinja is obviously on our top list, incredible musicians, incredible people, next album is coming and it’s gonna be mind-blowing. But there’s also Atlantis Chronicles, Earthtrip, Hypno5e and many more that deserve more recognition that they currently have.

If you could collaborate with any artists, past or present, who would you choose?

Devin Townsend, Mike Paton, Pink Floyd, Badbadnotgood, Snarky puppy, Tyler the Creator, Gojira, Ibrahim Malouf and the list goes on and on. We’re always interested to bring new people to new projects, to have a new instrument on the track, a different voice, collaborate with a genius, mix influences, etc. It’s always a pleasure and very rich experience.

On somewhat of a similar note, if you had a time machine to play a gig anywhere and anytime (free of harm), what would you choose?

Live in Moscow 1991 because it must have been really intense to be part of one of the first metal concerts after URSS fell. Plus playing with Metallica, ACDC and Panthera at the apogee of their time must be amazing.
Woodstock and Woodstock 99 because the first was a historical event and the second looked sick as fuck and both had the biggest bands of their time.
And probably a gig in 50 to 100 years to see how the apocalypse looks like hahaha.

Do you have any upcoming shows or festivals people should be looking forward to?

We’ve got very exciting shows coming. First Savages release party in Paris on May the 12th, we’re playing with our mates from Kadinja, Atlantis Chronicles and Make me a donut and party hard after to celebrate the album release. From May 15th to 18th we’ll be supporting Jinjer on four German shows with Oh My God from South Africa. And of course can’t wait for Horizon Festival, Euroblast which our going to be insane as usual. And many other shows will be announced progressively.

Do you have any favorite stories from live performances or out on the road?

We’ve been able to tour a lot these last years and it is hard to pick one story. I’d say our times at UK TechFest and Euroblast were pretty crazy between the gig, incredible crowds and insane parties that always follow. Maybe that time Sylvain ended up battle dancing with a drunken German, the time our merchguy drank spicy liquor and ended up shitting himself, etc. Can’t wait to hit the road, play music and meet awesome people and do stupid shit with them.

Before we wrap things up here, is there anything you want to say to your fans out there?

Thank you so much, Savages wouldn’t be half what it is without your contributions and support. We are so happy to finally be able to share this album with you and can’t wait to play it live for all you insane people! See you very soon at a show, hope you’ll have time to have beer with us.

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