Indianapolis, Indiana-based technical death metal band FLESHBORE return with a follow-up of their 2017 demo with their new EP “MALIGNANCY”. Set to be released on Friday, July 13th, “MALIGNANCY” picks up where their demo left off, though the band decided to up the ante musically adding a sense of atmosphere on top of their already crushing approach. Lyrically, the band decided to approach a topic that has not only affected them, but millions around the world.

“This EP hits hard at home for us, as we use it to talk about our experiences we had to face with losing loved ones to cancer, and how it affects our lives,” said guitarist Michael McGinley. “Our single, ‘Curse,’ is one part in this composition that talks about grieving after the loss of a loved one, and an ever-growing fear of the disease.”

“MALIGNANCY” – which has received favorable reviews and earned comparisons to death metal stalwarts Nile and Cannibal Corpse, is currently available for digital and physical pre-order through FLESHBORE’s Bandcamp page and includes an immediate download of “Curse.”

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