An all new lyric video from The Anima Effect has struck! It was made for the recent title track “Terminal Encryption Pt 1” and can be enjoyed right here:

This comes from an EP of the same title. “Terminal Encryption” is a 6 track ode to the finest in Progressive Metalcore featuring nearly an hours worth of quality content. This includes cameos from no less than Charles Caswell (Berried Alive, ex-Reflections), Katie Thompson (Fallujah collaborator, Chiasma, Kadaebra,The Plagued Raven), and Taylor Bates (Your Hands Write History, Steaksauce Mustache). Definitely give it a go!

If you need any more reason, we reason put up a full-length album review for “Terminal Encryption”. CLICK HERE to hear in-depth thoughts on this record from one of our writers.

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As for other recent video goods from the band, you can dig deeper here:

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