All kinds of great news has arrived! The Room Colored Charlatan are an amazing band in their own right. Now, they’ll be joined by no less than former The Contortionist vocalist and keyboardist Jonathan Carpenter (not to be confused with the writer).

They’ve released an all new single and a statement on where they’re at with new music. Both of the above can be seen right here:

We are back, sort of…

Today we are releasing a brand new song called “Forest View”. Jonathan Carpenter (ex-The Contortionist) has joined us as vocalist of The Room Colored Charlatan. Forest View is his debut with us. With that said we need your help.

If you would like to get more music by TRCC in the near future please show support by purchasing this song. This song is an experiment. Based on the support we receive from this song we will decide if it makes sense to move forward and write a new EP. Thank you for your support and please share this song with all that might be interested in hearing new music from The Room Colored Charlatan.

Order the song on our Bandcamp Here:…/forest-view

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