This is certainly one of the more impressive finds in recent history. HORROR GOD is an incredible Experimental Death Metal band making themselves known from Sergiev Posad in the Moscow Region.

They’ve been hard at work since 2006 and the fruits of their labor and cooperative craftsmanship are more than evident. This is solid material. They’ve put out three full-length records in that time with other releases on the side.

Their latest goes by the name of “Cursed Seeds”. It landed through Lavadome Productions just last month and provides a heavy steamroller for the ears.

Here’s the official word in support of this record followed by the Bandcamp store streaming link:

Horror God has arrived with its third album to introduce its brand of creative, dissonant or avantgarde if you will, death metal driven by merciless riffs and heavy hooks.

One could describe “Cursed Seeds” in many ways: Technical, avantgarde, experimental death metal and so on but you know what really counts except this is still extreme Death Metal record? This music comes from the soul and emerged from the chemistry that exists within the members of the band. It resonates deep inside. It’s atmospehric, brutal but also gentle and overall impressive. Do listen, listen more, do find those moments!

While the dissonant death metal scene continues to grow, the group’s capable of delivering something memorable consists of a much smaller slice of the total group’s playing within it. After several listen, everyone shall know where “Cursed Seeds” belongs.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp