Neural DSP have been doing great things of late. They just teamed up with Animals As Leaders guitarist Tosin Abasi and Abasi Concepts to make this happen:

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Three unique amplifiers meticulously designed from the ground up with Tosin to cover the entire sonic range his versatile and unique music requires.

Clean: lush, warm and huge clean tube amplifier model. The perfect canvas for defined lower gain, or full-blown aggression when boosted by the Pathos and Logos pedals.

Rhythm: a unique and extremely versatile amplifier, capable of crunch or super high gain sounds. This rhythm amplifier provides attack and unprecedented size.

Lead: tailor made for the perfect solo tone, featuring rich harmonic content and virtually eternal sustain.

Logos Compressor: Tosin’s secret weapon for adding punch and thump to clean and low gain sounds.

Pathos Distortion: Algorithmically perfect model of Abasi’s versatile and powerful distortion pedal.

Ideal for detailed spectrum adjustment, the onboard 9-band graphic equalizer allows for total control over frequency response.

Beautiful reverb and delay algorithms for immersive atmospheric effects and deep lead tones.

72 impulse response captured by Adam “Nolly” Getgood providing ultra-realistic depth and detail, with seamless multi-microphone positioning that perfectly matches the amplifiers’ character.

It requires courage and creativity to be genuine. Tosin spectacularly embodies this rare combination of traits. HIs seamless incorporation of unusual techniques, monstrous creativity, and unforeseen technical proficiency have made him one of the most distinct and iconic guitarists of our generation.

Tracing Tosin’s sonic vision into a single plugin has been an incredible challenge, but the results are as spectacular and unique as the artist who inspired it.

We proudly present you, Archetype: Abasi.

Video Production by Ivan Chopik.

Archetype Abasi: Official Website