If you follow along with The Circle Pit, chances are you’ve come across the band Oculus. This is a force to be reckoned with on the rise from Australia. They deliver a modernized style of -core music filled to the brim with both technical and melodic elements driven by a high energy approach. This all adds up to make for a great time!

Over recent years, they’ve been dropping a series of heavy hitting singles that I’m sure a number of you would enjoy. Most recently, they launched the track “Dawn of the Heathen” which comes strapped with a metal-as-hell Viking theme! If you wish to listen, an all new streaming video can be found right here:

If you enjoy the music, go show this band love and support as they forge into their bright career. Connect with them over on Facebook and Instagram to follow along! You can also find all the band’s current music over on Bandcamp and Spotify. Keep an eye out for more where this came from!

You can also enjoy some more the band’s music with a number of singles provided just below. This includes a feature from the one and only Misstiq!

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp