If you’re in the market for something truly wild and different from the majority of the modern metal landscape, Ape On The Rocket may very well be an answer. This is a band unafraid of bending metal genres in big ways. The track you’re about to hear has elements of Mathcore, Metalcore, Black Metal, Progressive Metal and more all wrapped into this one solid punch to the face. They had previously shown this off through the single “Good Luck”.

Now, they’ve launched an all new single / music video by the name “Behind The Cellar Door”! This can be enjoyed (along with “Good Luck”) through the videos provided below.

If you enjoy the band and want to see what else they’re up to, you can follow through by giving them a visit on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and VK. If you want to give more of their music a spin, it’s available across most major online music platforms. Give them a shot!

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