K.I.R. is a notable one man band stemming from Mukacheve in the Ukraine. He’s technically been at it for years but struck hard on New Years Day with the release of an all new EP by the name of “Resistance”.

The release is composed of  impressive, quite well produced tracks, and sometimes haunting tracks. This all comes from the mind and talents of guitarist and composer Kirill Barakhtyansky. He delivers a very professional take on Instrumental Progressive Metal that’s fully worth indulging in. The collection is currently available for listening and purchase over on Bandcamp.

Upon hearing the goods, we opted to support “Resistance” directly which brings us here today. The EP is now streaming in full via The Circle Pit YouTube channel! Press that “play” button just below and see what you think. If you enjoy Kirill’s work, you can support him over on Facebook, Instagram, and VK as well as the aforementioned Bandcamp.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // VK