How many times have you been on hold with technical support for your personal massager and thought: “This hold music most certainly does NOT djent.”?

Myth of I has come to solve this issue. From Boston, this four-piece has done an incredible job of making some tunes that are equally brutal and beautiful. This hold music most certainly DOES djent.

This self-titled album features 11 tracks that run the gamut from wanting to take out office aggressions on an unsuspecting laser printer that refuses to print a SINGLE GODDAMNED PAGE WITHOUT A PROBLEM…. Ahem… To that sweet release of the end of a work week when that tether of “responsibility” is severed for a blissful 48 hours.

Seriously though, after listening to this album multiple times in a single sitting, I can say this is one of my favorite albums of this year so far. The riffs presented are not just the typical djent chugginess. Through the heavy, there are intricacies that shine through in every single song on the album. It feels like the perfect balance of complex melodies/patterns to contrast the simple, yet devastating chuggs (it gets two g’s in order to reflect the THICCNESS) that hit from the low end. This album is an incredible addition to the world of metal and I encourage everyone to give it a listen. It is the best Technical Support Metal you’ll ever hear.

Everyone needs some good new tunes with the intensity 2020 is coming at us with.

This whole album is an absolute banger.


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