Comment from Drummer Sean Hickey:

“I’m happy to showcase the drums for this playthrough of The Millionth Grave. It was filmed fittingly in our rehearsal space. The song itself is an eclectic blend of some of my favorite genres of metal, and in particular, I was inspired by bands like Beyond Creation to create the groove in the bridge of the song, which is still one of my proudest moments on the record. In our concept album The Veil, the track lyrically is the introduction to the character of death named Viduus and I wanted to establish that control and godlike power that character has with those crushing bomb blast chorus sections, as he showcasing his capabilities to our deceased character and taking the listener through a frenzy of tense aggression”

The Millionth Grave (drum playthrough)
Ancient Thrones
Blackened Death Metal
Halifax, NS, Canada

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