The time has come! Rising up in the lands of Mordor (also popularly known as Las Vegas) speaks the Mouth of Sauron! From the Black Gate itself comes a Death Metal band looks to pummel you free folk to pieces. No charge of Helms Deep can save you now…

First, they struck with “Hearken the Echo of Music” with which to spread the gospel of the holy Melkor… Now, they’ve released a beautifully brutal new record by the name of “Berserker” which comes packaged in EP form and can be enjoyed through the streaming video provided for you right here:

If you’d like to support this band and further enjoy the Middle-Earthling glories of “Berserker”, you can GRAB SOME MERCH pick up the goods on Bandcamp and follow them over on Facebook. The music is also available on the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. All the links are here:

Bandcamp –
Merch –
Apple Music –
Spotify –

If you wish to re-visit Mordor with the aforementioned “Hearken the Echo of Music” classic, you may do so right here:

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp