All That Remains released a single yesterday titled “Down Through The Ages” which will appear on their new album A War You Cannot Win. Before I get into the actual review I need to talk a little bit about this band. All That Remains was the first Metalcore band I ever listened to and for that reason I have always been partial to them. Hell, I own all five of their albums on hard copy, even Behind The Silence and Solitude.  With that said I also realize that this band has been losing fans over the years due to more radio friendly songs on both Overcome and For We Are Many. So if you’re one of these people then this news may not even interest you.

As for the track itself, it’s a pretty standard Metalcore tune. The beginning actually reminds me a little of “Shadows in the Light” by Unearth, but soon explodes and Phil Labonte jumps into the mess with his beast-like screams. It turns into a fairly typical All That Remains song with catchy chorus sections and an Oli Herbert solo. Check out the song below if you’re into this stuff. A War You Cannot Win is set to be released this fall.

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