Following up their awesome debut EP, “Progenitor”, The Reset have come back strong with a new single, “Metacognition”. The band has actually grown a lot in a very short time. “Metacognition” does a great job of showcasing what this band is capable of after a key line-up change. It also shows what to expect from the upcoming album, “Chasing Infinity”. Listen below and get stoked! Also be sure to read up on the band’s description of the new single.

Introducing, our first single off our upcoming album entitled “Chasing Infinity”. It features our new guitarist RON SWORD as well as a guest verse by EX-Reset vocalist Christopher Michael. We want to thank Kenny Gil for his masterful production as well as DANIEL BERGSTROM of Vildhjarta for our new guitar tone. More big things to come, please share this status and spread it like herpes. Happy New Year, friends. We love you.”

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