Does anyone remember SikTh!? Hailing from London, they were serious pioneers on the Prog / Tech Metal front bringing unparalleled creativity, musical drive, and unpredictability. Utterly brilliant and unique. Powered by artists such as Dan Weller (now In Colour with Daniel Tompkins) and Grahm Pin Pinney (now in the band Aliases) among others, SiktTh pushed themselves to god status in the metal underground, inspiring many in the process. To put it simply, these guys were scary good. Listen to a couple tracks from the 2006 epic “Death of a Dead Day” below and see why.

However, they might not be completely finished just yet. Though the band will probably never officially reunite or tour again, there was a major sign of hope last year when ex-SikTh members said the following…

“Calls for a reunion are amazing.. thanks… OF COURSE we want to… we’ve never said other wise. It will happen when the times right. There WILL be another SikTh record… and it will be our best… thats a PROMISE. It took us the best part of 2 years to complete the writing of DOADD so I guess you’ll have to be patient. Besides, theres a bucket load of riffs that we wrote for album three still sat there – so we’ll have a head start next time ;-)”

Stay tuned!


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