Big shout out to Arthur Kiulian, manager of the awesome It Djents page and guitarist of the upcoming Ukrainian band Tsaars! Formerly known as “The Kannon’s Mind Dissection”, Tsaars are a Djenty Mathcore / Chaotic Hardcore band that thinks outside the box when they write. The results are excellent. This is evinced by the brand new Tsaars single / lyric video “Nightmares” which features strong technicality and intensity. There is also a welcome vocal collaboration with the incredibly talented Sam Gitiban of Novallo.

They released “Nightmares” in support of their upcoming debut EP “Foreword” which will be released April 2nd. It will boast four tracks worth of originality, talent, and heaviness. If this sounds good to you, grab your pre-order and download the new single on the official Tsaars Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more!

Links: Facebook // Merch // Bandcamp