Today is Tuesday, time for you to take time out of your day to listen to metal.

Blackened Death Metal 20 year veterans Panzerchrist are releasing their appropriately titled 7th album, “The 7th Offensive” today. Though this war obsessed band of Danish metallers has gone through about two military squads worth of band members, and seen their ranks decimated before, the guys in Panzerchrist have, as acknowledgment of their 20 year anniversary, been able to create an album that captures the combined essence of all the different styles previously explored by the band. Expect blackened fury, death metal riffage, melodic soloing, and demon possessed low vocals. And it’s streaming fully at Terrorizer. Go, now.

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Today I’ve decided to be nice. Maybe some of our viewers are into radio metal ala Black Label Society, Five Finger Death Punch and other southern hard rock bands who wish they could be Pantera but aren’t. I’ve often heard fans of this type of music complain about finding new bands, due to the lack of exposure given to upcoming bands of this genre. This is because the radio doesn’t care about them yet, and most of us who are into underground music don’t care either and don’t spread them around like we do other metal genres. Well today I’m doing my part. I present to you Black Water Rising, an unheard of southern hard rock/metal band. I hope I’ve made someone’s day with this.

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Last I have Serianna for you. Their new album “Define Me” drops today. The band plays that scenie brand of hooky, metal-less metalcore, post-hardcore type sound. The band’s newest single and music video is pretty generic and definitely not my thing, but I’m sure fans of the genre will be interested in checking this out. I also saw a very respectful, reasonable, not aggressive at all, comment, on the attached youtube clip, from one of the band members that was replying to a fan complaining about the change in musical direction of the band. The member explained the reason for the change in a couple sentences and said he hoped that the fan could enjoy the new stuff too, all with a little smilie at the end, classy. So yeah that comment was the best part for me but check it out anyway.

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