We posted up interviews with Animals As Leaders and The Dillinger Escape Plan respectively last week. But most people missed the breaking news contained within.

After wrapping up the interview with Ben (Guitarist from Dillinger), I mentioned I’d be talking with Animals As Leaders later on. With a grin, he told me to ask Javier about the project they were working on. Needless to say, my interest was piqued.

A few hours later we were in the green room with both Javier and Tosin of Animals As Leaders. You can find the interview below. But if you skip to 4:28, you’ll find that Ben and Javier do indeed have a new project up their sleeves. It may not be what you’re expecting but it should be pretty damn awesome regardless. It’s really cool witnessing the cohesive nature of Sumerian artists and what they can ultimately create. Stay tuned for more!

“Old world Europe making babies” – Tosin Abasi

Links: Animals As Leaders Facebook // Twitter // iTunes

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