It’s been about four years since the release of the damn near flawless Exivious self-titled debut. What was originally a Cynic / Textures side project has experienced a few line up changes in that time but has still emerged strong as a full-time band. With the departure of drummer Stef Broks (Textures) came the installment of the insanely talented Yuma van Eekelen. Tymon Kruidenier (ex-Cynic) and Michel Nienhuis still command the guitar corps as Robin Zielhorst (ex-Cynic) handles the bass. Together, they make awesome things happen.

For example, the band ran a very successful crowd funding campaign earlier in the year which allowed fans to make custom tweaks to the album artwork through a unique application (representing a constant state of change, thus “Liminal”). Ever since, the anticipation has mounting and now they’re on the loose again with their sophomore full-length “Liminal”!

If you haven’t got to listen yet, it is PHENOMENAL! It is the manifestation of pure creativity and taste. Same as with their self-titled, they bring an excellent mix of hypnotizing instrumental progressive music with a jazzy, experimental flavour. Except this time around it’s much more melodically focused and matured in some ways. You can actually stream the entire album through our friends at I’ve been letting my mind melt onto this one since last week. It’s successfully become the soundtrack of my life, if you will. And with good reason.

The single “Entrust” appropriately opens the experience with a sense of awe and mystery, two things that will ensue throughout the duration of the album. Before you know it, the opener thrusts your ears into a world of beautiful melody and creative force, two more elements that will follow through the record. Because of this, it more or less functions as the perfect opening.

And the fun doesn’t stop there. Every single track on “Liminal” has something exciting and original to offer. Right after “Entrust”, Yuma lets loose with an awesome drum solo on the track “One’s Glow”. The second single “Alphaform” brings you to a world of elevated musical sensuality. “Triguna” is the most experimental track on the album. “Deeply Woven” is possibly my favorite track on the record with an awesome Jonas Knutsson sax contribution… but it’s very hard to say with the sheer amount of aural pleasures present. Especially when you stack it up to the remaining “Movement”, “Open”, and “Immanent” which are all beautifully conceived, breathtaking additions.

I have no real criticisms here. But I will criticize you if you’ve read this much of the review and don’t give “Liminal” a try. This album’s damn near perfect, if not perfect. It’s an easy 10 out of 10 in my book. And strangely enough, the only two 10’s I’ve ever given on this site have been back to back…

To wrap things up, Exivious have truly outdone themselves. Rebounding from the last record and the events since, they’ve managed to create a truly awe-inspiring and matured experience in “Liminal”.  Missing this album should be considered a crime for music lovers.

Go ahead and stream the tracks above. And don’t forget, has the entire album running online. If you enjoy the music as much as we do, be sure to support Exivious and grab yourself a CD here!

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