The number 13 maybe unlucky for some, but today it certainly isn’t if you’re a Tech Metal fan.  As that is the number of bands which have been added to the bill of Julys UK Tech-Fest. 

An already stellar line-up including UK exclusive performances from The Ocean Collective, Glasscloud, Vildhjarta and the incredible acoustic stylings of Felix Martin. 

This has been bolstered by the addition of Devil Sold his Soul, Chimp Spanner, The Algorithm, Martyr Defiled, Now,Voyager , Shields, No Sin Evades his Gaze, Noise Trail Immersion and Doomed From Day One.

With European exclusive performances from Alaya, Eumeria and the intriguing inclusion of djenty-popsters, Destiny Potato; with their guitarist David Maxim Micic also performing in a solo capacity.

The first announcement a month or so ago felt like a full festival line up, so with this news and the expectation of yet more bands to be added, the UK Tech-Fest is fast turning into the place to be this summer. 

At a bigger, more fit for purpose venue, the Newark Show-ground in Lincolnshire, with amazing facilities in glorious countryside; this years edition promises to be something special.

Tickets are on sale now, don’t delay, buys yours today! Become part of the most exciting, essential and eclectic UK Metal Festival.

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