Incredible news here! It has been made official that the new Origin album, “Omnipresent”, will drop on July 8th through Nuclear Blast. This album is sure to be one helluva experience providing shred and heaviness galore. Beyond that, one can only speculate what tracks are about to rip into our eardrums. This is especially true when you consider the addition of new vocalist Jason Keyser.

He had the following to say of the new album and it’s stunning artwork / theme:

“We were very happy to be able to work again with Colin Marks of Rain Song Design for the artwork of Omnipresent. He designed the art for our previous album, Entity, which had a barren, stripped down minimalism, but for Omnipresent we wanted bigger. We were looking for something that would represent the total insignificance and helplessness of humanity to the impending doom of the universe that surrounds us at all times.

It’s a strong running theme of the album lyrically; how our pride and arrogance can advance us as a species in so many ways, eventually conquering the unknown reaches of space. But ultimately we continue to exist only at the whim of the cold, indiscriminate forces that could snuff our sentient spark at any moment.

The title of the album, Omnipresent, works perfectly with the artwork in the way that omnipresence does not come from expanding to new worlds and growing as a species, but only through being whittled down to a last living being alone in the universe. The final failed experiment of life has no comparison, it is the most powerful, only through our sentient extinction can we finally understand some sliver of godhood.”


01 – “All Things Dead“
03 – “Permanence“
04 – “Manifest Desolate“
05 – “Absurdity Of What I Am“
06 – “Source Of Icon O“
07 – “Continuum“
08 – “Unattainable Zero“
09 – “Redistribution Of Filth“
10 – “Obsolescence“
11 – “Malthusian Collapse“
12 – “The Indiscriminate“
13 – “Kill Yourself” (Stormtroopers Of Death cover)

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