A few months ago I talked about some albums that I would personally give a perfect score to.  Although when I wrote those reviews I specifically focused on full length releases.  Well here are three EPs that I feel are deserving of that rare 10/10 rating. 


Slayer – Haunting the Chapel

It should come as no surprise to see this one on the list.  While “Show No Mercy” was a strong debut it still saw Slayer riding the coattails of juggernauts like Venom and Iron Maiden.  “Haunting the Chapel” was the real game changer, featuring an absolutely ruthless sonic assault that would soon be known as the signature sound of Slayer.  Though containing only three tracks, each one packs enough punch to leave the listener just as satisfied as he/she would have been after listening to a full length album. SLAYYERRR!!

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In Flames – Subterranean

If someone were to make a claim that In Flames were the kings of the Gothenburg movement, then “Subterranean” would surely be a part of their argument. This five track EP really expanded on the sound of “Lunar Strain” by showcasing a wider variety of riffs with much smoother transitions. This was also the only release to feature Henke Forss as vocalist.  With Henke’s black metal-esque rasp overtop the complimentary shredding of Jesper and Glenn, “Subterranean” proved to be an astronomical experience. IN FLAMES WE TRUST.

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Born of Osiris – The New Reign

Although relatively young when compared to the majority of heavy metal acts, Born of Osiris came onto the scene the right way, with a strong debut EP.  Featuring highly technical guitar work and accessible keyboard melodies, “The New Reign” soon became a favorite among many deathcore fans.  Most of this album’s appeal stems from the “bouncy” nature of the breakdowns.  It’s almost as if their music is saying, “Yea we can be brutal… but we’d rather party!”.  In my opinion, that’s pretty damn cool. FUCKING BOW DOWN!   

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