Upon A Burning Body, and in particular Upon A Burning Body's frontman Danny Leal, have not been in the best standing this month due to a publicity stunt done in poor taste. You can read all about it HERE. The short version is Danny pretended to be abducted in an attempt to raise hype for the band's upcoming album "The World Is My Enemy Now". Turns out that album title is accurate. The stunt did generate a lot of attention, but the majority of it was negative.

Things only got worse as Danny initially feigned ignorance saying, "What publicity stunt?" But when he finally came around and issued a statement through Ice-T's Final Level Podcast, the reactions certainly didn't get any better. He had the following to say…

"We did a little bit of a publicity thing… And people thought… We said I was missing and then they turned it into this big thing and it became a pretty serious issue… people calling the cops where we were from, stuff like that… and it became a thing, and you know what, then everybody now hates what we did. Whatever, they're blaming me and it was like, you know what? I'm [going to] come out with ropes on my hands put the ropes on and take it even further."

Guess we'll see how this all pans out. So far, not so good. Regardless, the band plan to release "The World Is My Enemy Now" on August 12th through Sumerian Records. The first single "Red Razor Wrists" has been made available.

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