Jesse Leach, front man for Killswitch Engage, The Empire Shall Fall, and Times of Grace, just spelled out the future for all of those projects. He did this through an update video which can be found just below. He went on to cover those basis among several other topics.

“Starting to demo, starting to get some ideas for the new record. Starting to have that discussion, which is exciting. But that’ll be awhile, probably not until late this year, early next year. When we start reviewing some of that stuff.”

“Times Of Grace, we definitely have ideas and have been talking and had a few conversations about what we’re going do moving forward. We’d like to do an EP, but again as you can see I’m pretty busy with Killswitch and The Empire Shall Fall. So we’ll see if we can squeeze that in. Have no fear, I know I’ve gotten a lot of emails about this; and I assure you Adam and I are stoked to do another EP or album. When? I’m not sure, but it’s happening.”

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