(Photo: Luke Carter, 11Alive)

This morning, 11 Alive Atlanta broke a terrible story. Alabama black metal band Wormreich and Georgian occult metal band Khaotika had their van crash off of I-85, killing three members and sending eight others to hospitals where two remain in critical condition. That was out of twelve people in the van… It has not been disclosed who passed or who remains in critical condition.

This is incredibly tragic and we can't even begin to express how sorry we are to hear this happened, especially on what seemed to be such a happy tour.

Furthermore, we can't stress enough just how important it is to stay safe and alert while trekking long distances on tour. Especially as touring accidents seem to be growing more and more frequent. If you plan on hitting the road, please keep it as safe as you can.

Let's take a moment to respect those who have passed.



Wormreich: Facebook //   Bandcamp

Khaotika: Facebook // Official Website