You might remember the metal force that is Hydra Kyll. And if you don’t, you’re gonna learn today! This is an awesome 5-piece emerging from Rockville/Montgomery County, Maryland and bending genres all the way to your ears. To be more specific, they take elements of Groove Metal, Metalcore, Progressive Metal, Death Metal, and beyond to blend their particular brand of metal music. They’ve been active for the better half of a decade, putting out some great sounds in that time.

Previously, in 2012, they released the EP “Awake, Arise, Or Forever Be Fallen”. You can learn much more about the destructive nature of that release by CLICKING HERE.

Now, they’ve returned with an all new tome in “Timelines”. This release sees the band grow further both stylistically and as musicians. They recently premiered the monster through the good people over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy. It’s a damn good release worth wrapping your ears around. And luckily, the entire thing is currently live and streaming via the band’s Official Website! Give a listen and be sure to show some support if you enjoy the music! You can find all the necessary links down below.




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