If you consider yourself a fan of Technical Death and Progressive Metal, here’s one you should really wrap your ears around. Guitarist Denis Shvarts and fretless bass player Pavel Semin are a pair of artists hailing from Russia with a brilliant mind for songwriting and an equally brilliant skill for musical execution. This manifests itself through their band known as Dark Matter Secret in which they produce excellent Progressive Death Metal. This is the kind of material that will make your speakers spark and test the eardrums.

That being the case, it was a no brainier to get in contact with them with the intention of spreading their work. To be more specific, we’re here to promote Dark Matter Secret’s back to back singles on the “Xenoform” release they just put out this month. And to be even more specific, their singles “Unhuman Lifeform” and now “Xenotrans” are streaming over on YouTube. You can find them down below.

If you enjoy the greatness that is Dark Matter Secret, it’s highly recommended that you head over to Bandcamp and make the music your own! Also, be sure to give a like over on Facebook. Any and all support for this band’s work is well deserved. Stay metal, my friends \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp