Post Mortal Possession is one helluva band on the rise from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Their craft is exercised through delivering an absolutely brutal form of Death Metal to the unsuspecting masses of this mortal realm. They accomplish this working as a five-piece unit that has been in operation for the past couple years. Hopefully, with many more years of ruthless brutality to come!

The band’s latest effort comes in the form of an EP entitled “Forest of the Damned”, which just saw the light of day this month. For an EP, it’s actually a relatively robust effort packing in 7 hard hitting tracks across a 25+ minute spectrum. This paired with the band’s previous effort “Possessing Entity” really show what Post Mortal Possession is all about, acting as a pair for a heavy as hell listening experience.

In direct support of the “Forest of the Damned” EP, we teamed up with Post Mortal Possession to bring a stream of their track “Skinwalker” over on YouTube. It serves as a great introduction to what this band has to offer so check it out! If you enjoy the music held within, the band currently has their Death Metal wizardry for sale over on Bandcamp! Support independent artists \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp