Where to start? ToY is an incredible Paris-based project driven by the mind and skill of Raoul Tchoï. His weapon of choice is undoubtedly genre bending as you never quite know what to expect next from this music. However, it’s safe to assume that it will be brilliant in one form or another. Creativity is the key here and the doors of possibility have long since been opened. For the sake of simplicity, you could attempt to label ToY’s music as Progressive Metal with many experimental twists. You could also recommend it to fans of SikTh, Devin Townsend, seafood, and the lords of chaos. But, in reality, this is very much it’s own beast.

All of this and more shows on the new EP with the somewhat hilarious shared theme and title of “Crab Deconstruction”. This is certified French crab meat. And believe me, there’s no shortage of crab meat. Running at nearly a half an hour, this project is packed to the gills with quality content that really needs to be heard firsthand. This is an experience.

Believe it or not, the entirety of “Crab Deconstruction” is available for a “name your price” download over on Bandcamp. All things considered, this is arguably one of the best deals you’ll come across anytime soon.

What’s more – you can sample all of the seafood right here, right now! After giving a listen to the music, we knew it was meant to be and consequently teamed up with Raoul to help spread his vision. Enjoy the stream:


Links: Bandcamp // Twitter // Soundcloud