Magnetic Eye Records successfully crowdfunded an effort to make a metal tribute to the Pink Floyd classic “The Wall”. The effort will largely consist of Doom Metal and Stoner Metal bands with a few key names along the list. You can check out what Magnetic Eye Records had to say of this right here:

Magnetic Eye Records continues our REDUX release series, in which we choose an iconic album and invite an assortment of fantastic bands to re-imagine and cover its songs from end to end.  Our first was ELECTRIC LADYLAND [REDUX], with bands like Earthless, All Them Witches, Mothership, Summoner, Wo Fat and Elephant Tree paying heed to the godfather of guitar gods, Jimi Hendrix. This first installment in our REDUX series ruled. We worked with artists and illustrators such as Caitlin Hackett, Dale Sarok and David Paul Seymour who all contributed visual art to the project. Here are some sights and sounds from that release.

Current list of Confirmed Bands on THE WALL [REDUX] + BEST OF PINK FLOYD:

The Melvins
Mark Lanegan
Ghastly Sound
Mos Generator
Low Flying Hawks (feat. Dale Crover of The Melvins)
Mammoth Weed Wizard Bastard
Mars Red Sky
Open Hand
Ruby the Hatchet
Sergeant Thunderhoof
The Slim Kings (feat. drummer Liberty DeVitto)
The Ultra Electric Mega Galactic (feat. Ed Mundell of Monster Magnet)
Yawning Man
Year of the Cobra

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