For those who haven’t heard, Metalocalypse will sadly never come to an end as it has been discontinued by Adult Swim. This is regardless of a significant movement that took place through last year to get it back on air. Creator Brendon Small, despite his desire to continue on Metalocalypse and Dethklok, does not own the rights to his own characters / show / band. So that’s that.

Since he is unable to work on that, he’s turned back to his other series and band by the name of Galaktikon. He had previously released a Galaktikon album back in 2012 but we can expect “Galaktikon II” soon! Stylistically, there are definite similarities to our favorite animated band Dethklok.

It has also been confirmed that a comic book series will be spawned as a result of this! An official teaser trailer just surfaced in support. You can watch the goods down below. Prepare yourselves for what comes next…

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