Dio was a legend. There’s no question about it. The man had several accomplishments under his belt from instilling the iconic metal horn hand gesture to runs in Black Sabbath and Rainbow as well as his own act simply known as Dio. In reality, that barely scratches the surface of this man’s legacy. He was a cornerstone of the metal kingdom and has been sorely missed since his passing in 2010.

However, something recently surfaced that’s taking us all by surprise. Before his reign as metal royalty, Dio was once a Doo-Wop signer! Feel free to read that again if it didn’t sink in. At the age of 19, he ran with a group called Ronnie Dio and the Red Caps and later transitioned to Ronnie Dio and the Prophets. This is music that could’ve made our grandparents swoon. In all seriousness, Dio was brilliant from the beginning and this is just another fascinating part of his life. Feel free to listen to some music down below.