Back in 2015, I came across this four piece from Arizona and was totally blown away with the talent they packed into an EP.

At the end of the article I stated that I hoped to hear more from them in the future…


Paranova’s debut album “Hyperhollow” has arrived and it is absolutely incredible.

I had high hopes going into the first listen and I didn’t even make it by the first two tracks before I went back to the beginning to listen to them again.

To say this album is great is an understatement. When it comes to Alternative/Modern rock, this album should be the standard that others are held to. Each part is so tight and well constructed that they melt together into this amalgam of amazingness that is “Hyperhollow”.

The drums are precise, punchy and suit each tune perfectly. The bass is full and intense. You can feel the bass lines groove even when you’re not paying attention. The vocals are just as great as they were on the EP (Exordium). Clean and smooth with beautiful melodies accompanying the rest of the instruments. The guitar shines and shreds more than one would expect to hear in Modern Rock. Each instrument has their chance to hold the spotlight and each musician owns that spotlight when it is on them.

I am very impressed with this release and “Hyperhollow” is currently holding a position in my top 10 releases of 2017. This album is an incredible piece that has pulled the best from so many genres.

Definitely worth the wait.

I can’t remember the last Modern/Alternative Rock album I have liked this much…

Every. Damn. Song. Is. SICK.

I can tell this album will be in my rotation for a while.


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