Remember Subnuba? This highly talented Toledo-based band launched two high octane Progressive Metal tracks in the past – “Ghost District” and “Ascending Light” respectively. They’ve been hard at work on writing an album for a couple years now and they’re premiering a new single today… with a surprise twist!

The new slice of music goes by the name of “Invocatus” and sees the band moving in a direction more akin to Technical Death Metal with Symphonic Metal elements as well! It seems no matter which angle this band approaches music from, they do a good job of it and this just goes to show it. The track is available over on Bandcamp along with the band’s other music so go show them some love if you enjoy their work! You can also give them a follow over on Facebook for all the impending updates!

If you haven’t caught on yet, the world premiere for “Invocatus” is happening right here, right now on The Circle Pit! You can experience the latest effort from Subnuba via the video stream right here:

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp