In a recent interview with Musik Universe, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor had a good bit to say. Chief among them, he stated that Slipknot will definitely have a new album out next year because the band has been cranking out new material. According to previous reports which you can CLICK HERE to see, it might even be a double album!

For more information on this, you can watch the interview itself down below or read over and excerpt right here:

“It’s awesome. That’s all I’m gonna say about it. It’s everything I wanted it to be. And they’ve been sending me stuff, kind of here and there… And it’s so funny too, because they’re like, “We don’t want to send you anything until it’s ready” and I’m like, “Alright, alright.” I’m being very patient and then I’ve gotten about six, gotten about six songs now. And they’re really, really good. And just in that demo form. And by demo I mean really just that fact that’s little longer than it will end up.

Because what you want to do is take that idea and extrapolate it to the point where you’ve exhausted every kind of idea. And then you kind of take it, you shorten it and you break it down and form it to get it a little more solid, a little more fluid.

That’s where it’s at right now and I’m actually writing lyrics for three of them as we speak. And it’s dark. It’s really dark. It’s actually probably the most autobiographical I’ve been in years. Just for the fact that I’ve been through a lot in the last few years.

I’ve been sitting on a lot. So I’m writing from the standpoint of where I am now instead of where I was. Which is so easy to tap into sometimes. It’s so easy to just kind of go there, almost like on impulse. Now, I’m writing it from the standpoint of a man who’s been through a lot – not just a young man, but an older man, and trying to figure things out.”

Once again, you can watch the full Musik Universe interview here:

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