Brace yourselves against the whipping winds of Coldbound! This is a quality Melodic Death Metal / Doom Metal project making itself known from the reaches of Helsinki, Finland. Step in and give a listen!

The debut album by the name of “The Gale” is currently making the rounds across a number of platforms. It effectively boasts 9 epic tracks sure to sweep up listeners from a number of walks. The record is currently available for purchase and streaming over on Bandcamp. There are also merch packages up for grabs!

In support of these large scale efforts, we’re currently streaming “The Gale” from front to back over on YouTube! Click the play button below to give a listen!

Feel free to use the links found above to add Coldbound to your music collection! You can also give the band a follow and see what moves are made next by heading over to their Facebook page.

Links: Facebook // Bandcamp // Merch