A talented and nerdy artist going by the name of Vetivs has been releasing a series of videogame metal covers and the results are certainly nostalgia inducing. In one of his latest, he opted to cover the Gerudo Valley music from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You can see how this plays out below.

Here’s what the artist himself had to say about the cover:

“My first video game cover is here! I thought it would be best to do one of the games that inspired me as a teenager to get into music and showed me my love of video game music. I used all original backing tracks for this cover and did not use any tracks from the OST. I hope you all enjoy!!!”

If you’d like to hear more where this came from, go check out his YouTube channel! Vetivs also recently put out an original track by the name of “Rome is Falling” from his upcoming album “The Demiurge”. Give a listen here:

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