Philadelphia’s own Rosetta have been proven as masters of their craft. Their craft is writing some of the best damn post-metal / post-rock human ears can experience. Their abilities have been put on display time and time again for about a decade now with several memorable releases including the likes of “The Anaesthete” and “Quintessential Ephemera”.

Most recently, the band put out an album by the name of “Utopioid” about a year back. It shows the band taking another well crafted step that arguably stands among their best content to date.

As per usual, Rosetta have made the entirety of “Utopioid” available for streaming through Bandcamp. Furthermore, the band has made the album available for a “name your price” download!

It’s highly recommended that all fans of music go give this band a go and maybe add some new tunes to your collection! Enjoy!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp