Always hard at work, TULIP were nowhere near stopping following the release of their debut EP last month! We had a recent interview with the band (CLICK HERE to see / learn much more) in which they stated that an all new album is already in the works! Beyond that, singer Ashleigh’s visits with vocal coach Melissa Cross and the ever evolving talents of Colin Parrish (also of Monolith) bode very well for the already extremely promising vision of this band. They may very well end up being the new Symphonic Metal heavyweights!

In the process of working towards new recordings, they’ve clearly been having a good deal of fun as well. As a testament to this, they just launched their very own cover version of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” in full Symphonic Metal flair! This can be enjoyed down below along with a full stream of their self-titled debut EP. Enjoy the music!

The new record is currently available over all across the internet. This includes Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon and more! If you like what you hear and want to follow along with the band, they have a presence on social media platforms like as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also check out their Official Website!

Links: Official Website // Twitter // Facebook // Instagram