Kmac2021 is a name that has recently risen to the forefront of internet metal comedy. With his very memeish approach, talent level, and funny fresh ideas, it’s not too hard to see why.

His most recent video is called “Man plays the solo from Monuments’ “Regenerate” LIVE ON STAGE without actually learning it” which serves as the spiritual follow up to his other recent videos “Man plays the solo from Through the Fire and Flames without actually learning it” and “Man plays Van Halen’s Eruption without actually learning it”… So you might imagine where this is going… to a fairly funny place… enjoy the lack of accuracy!

Here’s what he had to say of this event, “id like to apologize for the people in the crowd who didnt understand why a fat manchild was ruining an ibanez live on stage. Thanks to Levi Clay for filming this and thanks to Monuments for thinking this was a good idea.”

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