We have quite a treat for you good people today! Blasting out talent from Riverside, California comes the one and only He Films The Clouds! Their weapon of choice is honed to a cross between many different approaches to metal and hardcore music making for a unique and entertaining blend of heavy sounds. They’ve put this on display for several years now, gifting our ears with a number of records all leading up to this very day…

Today marks the release of their all new EP by the name of “Grace Points”! It effectively pushes the band’s entire sound up a couple of notches from their prior, winning approach. Jam packed to the brim with 6 brand new tracks laced across a 20+ minute run time, there’s no shortage of content to discover and enjoy here.

From a personal take, I have to say this both some of their most melodic and heavy content to date. The songwriting is cleaner than ever and when it gets heavy…. oh man. You’re really in for a treat. The bass tone on some of these tracks almost left me with a permanent stank face. They proved to be capable of pushing the bill with all of this through the single “Hopeless” and have capitalized on it fully through the new record.

Speaking of which, the entirety of “Grace Patterns” is now available for streaming and purchase through sources such as Bandcamp among other key music providing locations across the web. Definitely give this one a listen if you know what’s good for you!

We’re also streaming the full EP right here, right now! So if you’d like to sample the wares first hand, knock yourself out and hit up that play button just below. You won’t regret it!

Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp