The Ghost Inside guitarist has finally been discharged by his surgeon following 13 surgeries since the unfortunate bus crash in 2015. To learn more of the band’s recovery since the incident, you can CLICK HERE. This includes the band writing new music!

Zach himself had the following to say of the positive news via Instagram:

“After more than 3 years, I was discharged from my Otho surgeon! My knee has healed well from the surgery 6 months ago, and my femur is as healed as possible after 3 femoral surgeries, which is amazing, because 6-9 months ago the doctors thought I might end up losing my right leg! It’s been a wild road my friends. Put I’ve been given the all clear! Feels so good. No more check ins, x-rays, injections. Thanks to everyone who stuck with me! 🖤”

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